[Berita Dunia Islam] Press Release: CNN Lies and Spitzer's Entrapment

Category: Tanda-Tanda Kecil Kiamat Published: Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Anjem Choudary, a Daeee and Muslim activist from Sharia Court of the UK, recently appeared on CNN's Parker Spitzer show in the US. With the help of the corrupt former prosecutor, Elliot Spitzer, the CNN interview was a ploy used to entrap Anjem Choudary. These tactics are reoccurring practices by CNN and is also a standard practice by majority of the main stream media outlets in the US. We see this form of journalism as means for spreading misinformation to serve the interest of war profiteers and undermine the truth of the world affairs.

Media outlets like CNN prey on the ignorance of America when it comes to the issues regarding Islam & Muslims. As we can see this in Anjem's interview in the Parker Spitzer program. There were several witnesses with Anjem during the interview who accounted the CNN misinformation and lies.

Anjem stated:

The interview, which was conducted in the London studios of CNN, involved a conversation between three CNN reporters and me. Those watching will have heard me answer to the question of whether I was ‘encouraging attacks of this sort’ in the USA with the reply ‘of course I am’. What they will not realise is that only the first part of the question was played to me in my ear i.e. ‘are you communicating with individuals within the United States?’ to which I answered ‘of course I am’ because the world of the internet is very small and that in fact I communicate with people all over the world to embrace Islam and to practise their religion. The ‘encouraging attacks’ part of the question was in fact never audible to me.


Anyone watching the rest of the interview cannot have missed the fact that I stressed that I believe I live under a covenant of security in the UK and that in return for my life and wealth being protected I do not believe that I can target the life and wealth of those with whom I live and that I believe the same holds true for the Muslims in the USA. However I am also aware of those who hold a different Islamic opinion, with which I may not agree but which I recognise.


This incident involving the CNN is not an unusual ploy which I have also recently experienced whilst debating on www.abnsat.com (the next debate being on the 2nd November 2010) when I am being asked questions with my ear phone off to make the questioner look as if I do not have an answer to give him, when all the while music is being played in my ear while the question is being asked.


Spitzer, a corrupt prosecutor and a despicable governor of the New York State, who resigned his public position due to his prostitution scandal, are the people that CNN selects to spearhead their propaganda programs. These morally bankrupt individuals uphold the laws which only serve corporate agendas under Capitalism. Spitzer is no stranger to these bait and switch tactics as a former prosecutor who makes a living out of incarcerating people. Like most prosecutors in America, his tactics of entrapment is an everyday practice to serve the post industrial prison complex. To understand this injustice one has to only view the statistics on incarceration in America, where America is the leading country in the entire world with its incarceration rates. So it's much easier for Spitzer to scheme his entrapment for CNN after having so much experience in the American justice system.


Anjem Choudary is not the only one subjected to CNN's deceptive styles of journalism. As we can see this in the recent interview with WikiLeak's founder, Julian Assange, where Julian walks out of the interview in protest of CNN's tactics of deception. Similarly Anjem's work as an activist is twisted to appear as something that isn't true. Anjem never told any person in the US to take any violent actions against anyone, as the struggle is always intellectual and political. CNN and other conglomerate media outlets in America serve as a strong arm for propagating against truth seekers like Julian and it suppresses people who stand for justice & speak the truth, like Anjem. However, we will never be silent. [islamicthinkers.com]


Berita di atas sesungguhnya membenarkan hadist-hadist Nabi saw. mengenai salah satu tanda-tanda hari kiamat berikut:

Diriwayatkan dari Abdullah bin Mas'ud ra dari Nabi saw, Beliau bersabda:

"Sesungguhnya sebelum datangnya hari kiamat... akan banyak kesaksian palsu dan disembunyikan kesaksian yang benar." (Musnad Imam Ahmad 5:333).

Dalam hadist lain dari Abu Hurairah, Nabi bersabda:

"Pada akhir zaman akan muncul pembohong-pembohong besar yang datang kepadamu dengan membawa berita-berita yang belum pernah kamu dengar dan belum pernah di dengar oleh bapak-bapak kamu sebelumnya, karena itu jauhkanlah dirimu dari mereka agar mereka tidak menyesatkanmu dan memfitnahmu." (Shahih Muslim Syarah Nawawi 1:78-79).


Berita: islamicthinkers.com

Hadist: hal.151-152, Tanda-tanda Hari Kiamat oleh Yusuf bin Abdullah bin Yusuf Al-Wabil, MA